8 Ways to Get Better Erections Faster

Posted: 1 year ago
Health and Lifestyle for Better Erections

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more prevalent than you may think. Recent studies have shown that about 50 percent of men in their thirties and older are suffering from some sort of ED. And after a while, it is more than just a physical issue to deal with, but it turns into a psychological issue as well and can greatly affect relationships.


It’s too bad all of us men don’t have the ability we did when we were teenagers. We could just see a pretty girl and it would be almost an instant erection. Not anymore. Now we have to figure out ways to get an erection faster than we currently are or just commit to a life of celibacy.


Health and Lifestyle for Better Erections


Here is a bit of science for you. Erections physically happen as your blood starts to circulate faster to a certain region of your body. Of course, there usually has to be some sort of sexual arousal causing the blood to start pumping.


Unfortunately, if you are having trouble maintaining an erection, it could be due to your diet and lifestyle. In most areas around the globe, it is not uncommon to have a population battling obesity. Nearly 40 percent of people in developed countries are clinically obese. And that does not take into consideration the people that are just considered ten to twenty pounds overweight!


If your arteries are already getting clogged and you spend more time on the couch than you do actively living life, your lack of health and sedentary lifestyle could be to blame for your ED. The good news is that you can change it around by improving your health and fitness!


Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking for erection problem


Following the same unhealthy path, if you smoke and are having trouble getting erections, then you only have yourself to blame. With all the medical studies showing that smoking is eventually a death sentence, you should never be touching cigarettes. To top off all the medical issues that smoking can bring about, it can also greatly reduce your ability to get an erection and perform in the bedroom.


Smoking disrupts blood vessels from working properly and if your blood is not circulating, then say goodbye to the ability to get a hard erection. However, if you quit smoking and start focusing on improving your health, you can definitely bounce back before it becomes too late.




medications for erection


Erectile dysfunction medications are a small miracle for men that have had trouble in the bedroom. There are name brands such as Viagra and Cialis or you can go with the less expensive generic medications that are the same drugs but just cost a lot less. They all work in a similar fashion by increasing blood flow to the penis.


These medications will make you feel like a superman once again. You will get erect faster, maintain it longer, and be able to perform multiple days in a row. Just like the good old days! Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription and put your insurance to use.


Create a Stress-Free Environment


Stress-Free Environment


When you feel like the world is closing in on you, there are probably other things on your mind other than sex. But then when the situation calls for it in the bedroom, all of that stress that has been weighing on you does not just let go. It can cloud your thinking and prevent your body from responding like it normally would. A clear and happy mind could overcome erectile dysfunction if only you can just put all the negative out of your thoughts.


Change Things Up in the Bedroom


Change Things Up in the Bedroom


When you are with the same person over and over again for years on end, your erections probably are not the same as when the two of you first started hooking up. This is a sad fact of life. You might have been having sex every night when your relationship started, but after a few years, you probably are looking at once a week or so.


However, you can change things up in the bedroom where it will get you excited about sex again. Soon enough, you will be experiencing harder erections in no time! So what changes do you have to make? That is probably something you should discuss with your partner. But if there are any fantasies that you have in mind, perhaps they can be fulfilled!


Reduce Your Drinking


Reduce Your Drinking for better erection


If you enjoy having a few alcoholic drinks a night and then wonder why your erections are like putty, then you need some enlightenment. One or two drinks probably won’t hurt an erection every now and then, but if you are drinking every night, then don’t be surprised to discover you are seldom “up” to the task. Alcohol reduces your ability to have sex even when your mind is willing!


Exercise Gets the Blood Moving


Exercise Gets the Blood Moving


Just doing 15 minutes of cardio a day could increase your blood circulation and have you ready for sex at a moment’s notice. Plus, if you are in shape, more women are probably going to want to have sex with you in the first place!


Caffeine Is Your Friend in the Bedroom


Caffeine Is Your Friend in the Bedroom


We all know caffeine can help give you energy and keep you awake even when drowsy, but did you also know it can give your erection the jolt it needs as well? Caffeine gets the blood moving and helps relax the muscles to get a better erection. 


Be Sure to Ask Your Doctor For Advice


Doctor For Advice for Erections


If you have tried all the things listed above and are still having trouble maintaining an erection, it could be part of a severe medical issue. It might be embarrassing to talk to a medical professional about it, but it is something that needs to be done. The doctor could recommend medical tests for you to undergo and then determine if there is an issue. At the very least, even if they don’t find any sort of medical problem, it will put your mind at ease.